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Noah Keppers

Computer Science student and developer.

Currently studying at Michigan State University.

About Me

Noah and Madeline presenting at the Mid-SURE Research Conference
Presenting Dancing Computer at Mid-SURE 2016. Photo Credit: Dr. Charles Owen

Hello! I'm Noah, a Computer Science major at Michigan State University graduating in Fall 2018. In addition to my coursework, I have also had research experience designing and implementing software in Java to create interactive experiences in theatre performances.

I have experience with these platforms and technologies:

Work Experience: Java, Android, Git, Perforce, Protocol Buffers

Academic Experience: Python, C++/C, MySQL, HTML/CSS, PHP, JavaScript

Some Exposure: Bootstrap, BASH Shell Scripting

Resume: PDF Word


Picture of Noah at the Googleplex, wearing a propeller beanie


Engineering Practicum Intern

During Summer 2017, I interned at Google on the Allo for Android team. I worked closely with a partner intern to define and implement the mentions feature for Allo group chats, which allows users to call out other conversation participants using the syntax "@username." This involved designing implementation of server-side protocol buffers, UI, and notifications for the feature as well as writing a design document to communicate these implementation details to teammates. By collaborating with UX, Product, and Engineering teams, we released a fully functional version of the mentions feature to alpha users by the end of the summer.


Screenshot of Dancing Computer software
Dancing Computer server software

Dancing Computer

Undergraduate Research Assistant

The Dancing Computer project teaches children basic programming concepts through dance. Students dance across a gridded floor, "executing" programs displayed on Android tablets just like a computer. A desktop server implemented in Java sends dance steps to students' tablets and controls the lighting and sound during each dance.

During Spring and Summer of 2016, I worked with a team of student researchers led by Dr. Charles Owen on the Android client and desktop server in Java, adding support for features to teach students many programming concepts (including variables and message passing). I also helped lead Dancing Computer sessions for over 250 students and worked with the research team to summarize the findings in a research poster and paper. These findings were also presented at MoMM 2016.

Project Home Page MoMM 2016 Proceedings Project Research Paper

Theatre Engine performance trailer. Credit: Alison Dobbins

Theatre Engine

Undergraduate Research Assistant

Theatre Engine is an interactive dance performance combining technology and art. Audience members use Android tablets to interact with dancers and trigger changes in lights and sound. During the show, audience members can use their tablets as light switches, drums, and more. The show ends with a flashmob of dancers and audience members alike acting out different poses, from "Ninja" to "Washing Machine" to "Two-Person Airplane".

Since Fall 2015, I have worked with Dr. Charles Owen to help maintain the Java desktop server and Android app used to run Theatre Engine, fixing bugs to keep the show running smoothly. I also worked with stage managers as well as lighting and sound designers to run the Theatre Engine server software during several shows in East Lansing, MI, Grand Rapids, MI, and Washington, D.C. Starting Winter 2016 and continuing into the current semester, I have designed, implemented, and maintained software for the newest segment of the show, Theatre Engine: Puzzle.

Project Home Page

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