CLIENT: Cisco Secure + Duo Security
Supervisors: Elayna Spratley and Ivo Gasparotto
Increasing social inequity, the accelerating pace of climate change, and other emerging systemic problems require approaches that go beyond traditional human-centered methods—approaches that integrate new lenses and frameworks to create equitable, ethical, and sustainable solutions. 
During my internship at Cisco, I had the opportunity to explore what this type of interdisciplinary design looks like in practice. Over the course of the summer, I worked with the Duo Security Product Design team to develop “Thinking Like Nature,” a cross-functional workshop that explores the intersection of Biomimicry and Design Thinking.
Project Phases
To learn more about my approach and learnings, visit my case study on the Cisco Design Community blog.

Participants' nature inspirations from the first "Thinking Like Nature" Workshop.

Following my workshop, interest in Biomimicrys—as well as demand for a second session—grew rapidly at Duo. In the months since, Cisco Secure facilitators have used the materials I developed to lead additional Thinking Like Nature sessions and increase adoption of nature-centered methods across the organization.
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