Team Member: Kanal Chhajed
Supervisor: Alisa dePedro
Community Health Workers (CHWs) serve as liaisons between low-income patients and healthcare systems, working to improve access to preventative care and bolster clinical outcomes. In Spring 2021, I worked on a team of two to determine effective messaging and engagement strategies for a CHW pilot program at Cigna.
(To ensure safety during the COVID-19 pandemic, all research for this project was conducted virtually.)
Project Phases
Discover (A)
Before crafting outreach strategies for Cigna's program, Kanal and I needed to understand existing CHW models. We framed three questions to guide our initial inquiry:
Question #1: IMPACT
Why are CHW programs needed?
What makes a CHW program effective?
How do CHW programs operate at scale?
Through secondary research and conversations with three CHWs (discussion guide), we arrived at 10 initial learnings.
Discover (B)
Based on our knowledge of existing programs, Kanal and I created three messaging mock-ups for a future CHW pilot.
Overview of our 3 Flyer Mock-ups
Overview of our 3 Flyer Mock-ups
Relationship-Focused Mock-up Rationale
Relationship-Focused Mock-up Rationale
Testimonial-Focused Mock-up Rationale
Testimonial-Focused Mock-up Rationale
We tested these prototypes through hour-long sessions with five users (discussion guide). In each interview, we discussed participants' past experiences with health programs as well as their reactions to the three mock-ups.
Kanal and I then affinitized our research data into five key insights, which we presented to Cigna stakeholders.

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